★ I'm autistic and animals are my lifelong special interest!!! I have a degree in biology and currently work with horses + I've worked with birds of a prey and other wild animals in the past. I also have a cat named Ralf and I hope to own reptiles in the future!

★ I'm a gay androgyne trans man; I've been on T since Feb 3 2020 and got top surgery on May 11 2021! I also have legally changed my name and am planning on legally changing my gender to "X" soon. If you need any advice on transitioning I'm happy to help!

★ I'm hard of hearing and use hearing aids; I hope to learn ASL someday

★ I've been able to speak 7 languages at different points in my life but English and Dutch are currently the only ones that I'm fluent in

★ I have DID (prof dx); it doesn't really affect my behavior online but I should mention that I am a fictional introject of Nagito Komaeda! I don't mind if you also ID with him and follow me just don't involve me in "kin" stuff please

...I'll add more here when I can think of stuff